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Why the Girls Aren’t On A School Bus Trip

Why the Girls Aren’t On A School Bus Trip

What the ‘Cool Kids’ of Perfectly Imperfect Are Super Into These:

The latest viral meme about a cool kid’s school bus trip that took them to a place where they spent a lot of time is, predictably, being criticized for lacking logic. But the argument doesn’t hold up in the slightest.

Why? The school bus trip that the video’s creators took in response to a recent BuzzFeed article about a group of middle schoolers who apparently took a trip to an exotic resort in a school bus while having a long and fun lunch at McDonald’s is not a “logical” reaction. In fact, it’s laughably nonsensical.

The students who participated in the aforementioned video, which was originally posted in January, were 11-year-old Kaya, 13-year-old Shaelynn, 16-year-old Emily, 17-year-old Sarah, 18-year-old James, 17-year-old Ethan, 19-year-old Sarah (who’s really 17), 17-year-old Tyler, 17-year-old Olivia (who is actually 17) and 18-year-old Adam.

The four girls were supposed to have been on a school trip, but they weren’t. They weren’t even on a bus trip.

We’re not going to name names in this article, so as not to be ungrateful or overly harsh (or both).

The “logical” thing would have been to go to Mexico where they wouldn’t have had to take a bus anywhere, they could have stayed in their dorm or on the floor of their school and they could have had a normal after-school sleepover. Maybe they even would have had time to play Xbox or play a video game and maybe they’d even have had a game night.

“We’d be at the beach,” the first girl, Shaelynn, told the Buzzfeed reporter. “I’d play on the beach. We’d be riding on the back of the bus and we’d get to eat at the McDonald’s

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