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The storm tossed heavy rains and power outages on the Southern California coast

The storm tossed heavy rains and power outages on the Southern California coast

104-mph gusts recorded as Santa Ana winds wreak havoc across Southern California

MUSKEGON, MI – A powerful typhoon barreled out of China Friday, unleashing torrential rains along the coast.

As a storm system barreled across the South China Sea, the storm tossed heavy rains on the southern California coast, but it was the winds that caused damage.

As a category 4 storm barreled eastward, the winds in Los Angeles County were clocked at a record-breaking 115mph, according to the National Weather Service.

The storm hit late Thursday and remained on a path as far east as Oregon and Washington.

“It’s been relentless and relentless, and we’re going to see a lot of damage,” said Josh Fryer, of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

In Southern California, there were reports of at least four tornadoes and power outages.

While the storm was a short-lived one, the damage that was wrought was extensive.

A high-end resort, with a capacity of 2,600, was inundated into one wall of its main building with six feet of water, said David Moore, director of operations for the resort.

“It’s the perfect place for a storm. It’s an amazing golf course,” Moore said. “This storm would have wrecked it.”

He said he could not get any water to his lower-level pools or the beach.

Cars in the area that had parked too close were tossed and slammed to the ground, Moore said.

He said the resort’s parking lot was destroyed and its swimming pool was flooded, though his guests were safe.

“I’ve waited to feel this way,” Moore said. “It’s a lot harder to deal with after you lose $15 million.”

There are reports that the resorts have all been evacuated and that rescuers are searching for people trapped under piles of debris.

The National Weather Service expects this to be a long-term problem.

“Any time a big storm comes through, it can cause really extensive damage,” said Bill Karinske

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