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The New Nike Outfit for Golf

The New Nike Outfit for Golf

Carlos Alcaraz defeats Casper Ruud to win the US Open final

I’m in Dallas, trying to get out on the golf course, to do some training and to prepare with my son for this week. It’s a pretty cool place to be.

I’ll be wearing a new, much smaller, less golf club-y outfit, designed and created by the brilliant designers at Nike. With its shorter sleeves and more generous length, it lets me work out more like I do when I’m on the golf course.

My son has been getting my gear, too, and he’s been really happy about what we have done together. I’ve been putting a lot of time into getting a better look at his game. I went to a Nike tournament in Dallas this week, got a few pointers and he enjoyed the time we spent working on his game.

He has been pretty serious about developing his game over the past year, and this week he’s in the final to win the U.S. Open, so we’ve really been spending more of our time on his game.

That’s not to say we haven’t been spending time on his game. We’ve been to several tournaments together and seen his progress. He’s developed a lot over the past few years, and he’s got a lot of confidence and poise.

What a great week for him. He’s done a great job to get into the final of the US Open, the oldest major he’s ever played. He won two holes in regulation at the Masters. He can be pretty confident he can win the US Open, because he has that title in his back pocket.

He showed a lot of poise and he took his chances well. He had two putts that were well within range and made them both. That made him confident, but he kept making mistakes. He had two bad bounces and he had to make up ground.

He kept pushing himself. He’s got a solid game and he’s been working on it a lot. I’ve been helping him out this week, but he came in about two-

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