The Han Solo Statue is a Star Attraction for South Dakota State University

The Han Solo Statue is a Star Attraction for South Dakota State University

California bakery’s Han Solo bread sculpture is a star attraction

With the Han Solo statue as a focal point, the South Dakota State University student center is like that of a Disney World in the middle of the plains.

Students walk past the statue and the center to the cafeteria and it is filled with their fellow students, but the statue is a star attraction.

It’s not only the center that attracts students and visitors who come to see the statue and the student center, it is the food, according to the president of the university.

The South Dakota State University president said his goal is to attract new students through the center, but he also said it’s a sign for the state.

“We know South Dakota has some of the highest unemployment rate in the nation, some of the highest poverty levels, the poorest in the nation,” said Ron Dickey.

But also Dickey said he hopes it attracts new students.

“This is very important for our state and for our local area,” he said.

It’s also important for the university. Dickey said the center is a huge marketing tool for the university.

“Not only does it draw students to the school, it leads to future students becoming involved with the school. It also helps new student leaders see what the student center is all about and what the school is all about,” he said.

For a brief moment, the statue was turned off and a large video played on a large television, but then it was back on.

The statue was purchased from Disney.

“They wanted to get a good replica of it so they brought somebody in. They have it in good shape. They restored it up for our use. We have had it for about a year or so,” Dickey said.

But why have the statue and the student center or why did it take so long for the university to get the money to put the statue on campus?

“We wanted to have the statue for a longer period of time, but we were concerned about it being in a very busy part

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