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The Election of a County Sheriff Is Not a Good Idea

The Election of a County Sheriff Is Not a Good Idea

Letters to the Editor: L.A. County voters made a big mistake passing Measure A and are trying to correct it

You might wonder why I am writing this letter in the first place, when we all know you are doing the right thing. It is because I really don’t understand how voters of Los Angeles County are supposed to be so sure about what they are voting on when they voted for “Measure A”.

Why do we say that Measure A is no different than Measure A at the ballot box or Measure A in the general election? The answer is simple, we just don’t know. Measure A is being voted on by voters and every person in the city of Los Angeles. The voters all seem to share the same belief that their lives are in danger. I am sure if you were to ask them what is more important to them, there is no doubt that they would vote for the safety of themselves, their family and their neighbors and no question about that is being raised.

However, when you take the money out of politics, when you allow the people to stand up to those who abuse their power, your life will become your own. And if there is an election for sheriff, then I think the election of your county sheriff would be an excellent way to start.

I have no proof of this whatsoever, and I am not a sheriff. However, the fact is that we are now left with two candidates, Sheriff Lee Baca and the Mayor of Los Angeles, London Breed. London Breed is a good choice for sheriff, but she would have done much better on my last ballot box. It was like a vote for me or against me.

London Breed is a career politician who was elected as a county supervisor in 1986. In her 16 years as a county supervisor and 10 years as the mayor of Beverly Hills, she has done a lot of nothing. She has supported no legislation on the issue of illegal immigration and has been a voice for the people who live here.

London Breed does not have the qualifications that are required for the office of sheriff to be re-elected. London Breed has done nothing but play “the world game” with the police. The L.A. County Police Department has lost more officers in the last 15 years than any other law enforcement agency, including the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. London Breed

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