The Bachelorette’s ‘Bachelorette’ actor allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in 2010

The Bachelorette’s 'Bachelorette' actor allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in 2010

Woman who alleges rape by Danny Masterson delivers emotional testimony over four days

By Kerry Miller 10 Nov 2017

A woman who claims she was raped by ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ actor Danny Masterson in 2010 testified before a Texas jury this week that she had been drugged and assaulted by the ‘Bachelorette’ star.

The woman, who claimed to have been a friend of Masterson’s, appeared in court to testify for the second day in a federal court in the Texas city of Laredo on Tuesday. She told the jury that she was invited to the Masterson home in June 2010, where she was “pampered,” and that Masterson came into the room to see how she was doing.

“He got me out of bed, sat me up, and told me he wanted to go to my house,” the woman, identified only as “Ms. F,” told the court. “He led me to my car and said he’d take me home.”

Masterson then allegedly drove the woman around in his truck and sexually assaulted her. The woman testified that she was aware several times that she had been drinking. She also said that she was sexually assaulted before, during and after the sexual assault in 2010.

According to police, Masterson was arrested in Houston in March 2016 and charged with aggravated sexual assault, a first degree felony. He was found guilty by his conviction in July. Federal prosecutors said Masterson was convicted of violating his probation and will be sentenced on the day he was released from Laredo.

Video of victim

On Wednesday afternoon, video from the courtroom circulated via social media. A woman wearing a red t-shirt and pink shorts stood in the courtroom as Masterson looked on from a bench behind her. In the video, he is heard telling the woman he “just

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