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The Baby Is Not Like A Baby

The Baby Is Not Like A Baby

Elizabeth Banks and Sigourney Weaver take a stand for reproductive rights, or at least for the rights of teen parents.

A day after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that most Americans could now exercise their right to have multiple sex partners over a long period of time, Banks and Weaver have put on their anti-choicers’ hats and put a stop to it. After all, even though two of the justices who favored abortion rights were on the bench, the ruling was “the most significant victory this country has seen in the last 20 years,” Weaver said at the rally in Washington. As for the abortion, she said, “I wish we could just go on and just have sex the way we always have.”

“We will have a baby, and that baby will have a father, and that baby will have a mother,” Weaver said.

One side-by-side comparison was not what Weaver had in mind, though. “Look at the size of our hands,” Banks said to Weaver as the two posed together on the stage. “If you want to do that, go ahead.”

A few feet away, a man wearing a diaper and holding a blue and pink stuffed animal had a different take. “All she’s getting from her husband is a stuffed animal,” he said as he held a stuffed animal in his hand. “A child cannot be a baby.”

Weaver did not disappoint. “I won’t stand up for somebody who is trying to take my baby away,” she said. “I’ll be a full-time mom,” she said, and added, her voice cracking: “I’m a mother. It’s not like a baby.”

Weaver and Banks were wearing baby-blue maternity clothes and baby dolls. A large baby-blue bear with one blue and one pink leg, and a baby-blue and red ducky that resembled her and Banks, was sitting on the stage. “We want to raise a child,” Weaver said. “And we want it to look like us.”


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