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Roger Federer’s coach is convicted of doping

Roger Federer's coach is convicted of doping

See Roger Federer share tears and laughter with CNN tennis analyst Jim Courier after he was fined for a verbal attack on Roger Federer in a television interview. (1:56)

The biggest shocker in Wimbledon on Saturday, with the world’s best player not in action, was the news that a member of his coaching team had been convicted of doping. He had been coaching in the United States but when his team was caught doping, he was let go from his job in the United States.

Federer’s agent also confirmed to BBC Sport that former coach and assistant Richard Krajicek was implicated in doping. The Austrian player was told on Wednesday that he was suspected of using doping, and Federer reacted angrily on Saturday in the press conference in the presence of his wife and two children.

What do we know about the case? What’s happening to the coach? What’s happening to Federer?

How and why can we have this big surprise about a national coach of the No. 1 ranked player?

What’s been going on with Roger Federer since he retired?

The former world No. 1 has not been a regular in recent days when the media are writing about him. He’s been in Switzerland preparing for the Davis Cup, and he’s been on the sidelines of the WTA Tour’s biggest event, Roland Garros, for the first couple of weeks. But Saturday, Federer has not been training.

What do we know about the coach?

Richard Krajicek had been working in the United States with the WTA Tour when the team was discovered to have been using a banned substance, known as Nandrolone, and he was fired from his job.

Krajicek was a former coach of Andy Murray, and when Murray ended his 19-month doping ban in January, Krajicek was brought in as his new assistant, and later was to be his full-time coach.

How the investigation came about?

It was discovered in

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