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Rapper Blueface arrested in Las Vegas after allegedly shooting man in shoulder

Rapper Blueface arrested in Las Vegas after allegedly shooting man in shoulder

L.A. rapper Blueface arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in Las Vegas

Los Angeles rapper Blueface has been arrested on a warrant in Las Vegas after he allegedly shot a man at a “shoulder-to-shoulder” party in Las Vegas, according to prosecutors and police.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Blueface was arrested Wednesday night after officers were called early Monday to a fight between his group, Pimp Daddy C and five or six people, who “had numerous firearms,” according to a police report.

The rapper told officers, “I was drinking alcohol and doing shots, and I was trying to shoot some shots at somebody,” according to the report. Police found multiple guns at the scene and arrested Blueface for shooting an assault-style weapon into a residence.

Police found multiple firearms inside the residence and arrested Blueface, who allegedly told officers, “I’m going to kill everybody,” the police report states.

The report states that Blueface is believed to be the gunman, who allegedly shot a man in the shoulder at a “shoulder-to-shoulder party” on Jan. 27.

Police arrested another man at another location in Las Vegas, and discovered a handgun inside of him, the report states.

“Investigators found approximately 30 firearms at the residence, 13 with live ammunition,” according to The Associated Press.

He is being held on $1 million bail and is due in court on June 27.

Blueface’s attorney, Thomas Hockenberry, told TMZ that Blueface did not fire any shots that night.

Blueface “was not at the scene and is not a suspect in this shooting,” Hockenberry told TMZ.

His attorney added, “I am very disappointed in this situation. I know there is no justification for it, but I am disappointed. That doesn’t speak to my client, who has done everything in his power to take care of his family

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