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Mueller’s Report on the 2016 Election Could Have a Big Impact on the 2020 Election

Mueller’s Report on the 2016 Election Could Have a Big Impact on the 2020 Election

Analysis: Special counsel poses a threat to Trump’s 2024 campaign

This week, special counsel Robert Mueller announced his findings from his investigation into the 2016 election. The news immediately sparked consternation and outrage.

Republicans, Democrats and the media alike are united in their condemnation and criticism, though many people are left wondering whether Mueller has gone too far in indicting Trump or whether the investigation is just a pre-cursor to something bigger.

Mueller charged Trump, his oldest son and three of his top advisers with crimes — and the findings of the report were not a surprise, as Trump has long been suspected of having orchestrated a quid pro quo with the Ukrainian President.

Here, we examine the ramifications the Mueller probe may have on Trump’s electoral hopes, but also its impact on the country’s future.

How is the Mueller probe related to the 2020 election?

The Mueller probe is not limited to the 2016 election campaign. He is also examining potential obstruction charges against Trump and his family, along with allegations that the president was involved in “hush” payments to alleged mistresses and that some of his aides and associates may have been involved in coordinating a coverup of possible collusion by the Trump campaign.

In addition, The New York Times reported on Monday that Mueller is examining whether Trump or his administration tried to obstruct justice in the FBI’s investigation into Russian meddling during the November 2016 election.

How could the Mueller probe impact the 2020 election?

The first and perhaps most immediate impact on the 2020 elections would be that a sitting president would be held accountable for wrongdoing.

In the case of obstruction of justice, the findings of the Mueller probe would be available to the congressional investigation already under way or to the Justice Department or the court if criminal charges are brought by the Mueller investigation.

Some have argued that with the report on the Mueller investigation, a “witch hunt” is underway against the president.

However, that is not the case. The special counsel is not investigating the president and he is not investigating Russian interference in the 2016

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