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L.A. Community College District 1 — A Vision and a Vision

L.A. Community College District 1 — A Vision and a Vision

Your guide to L.A. Community College District Board of Trustees candidates

I’m running to represent the voters of San Gabriel Valley, and I’m excited to be speaking with all of you this week in your districts, meeting where you live on this campaign trail.

One thing I want you to know is what you can see for yourself as you vote in November. Today, at 12:00 noon, I’ll be touring the district with my opponent, Johnnie Moore, and we’ll be visiting your district office — where I’m sure you’ll be voting for our trustees — for a few minutes to answer your questions and hear how you live.

You will be asked tough questions by local news media and they’ll all be recorded and posted online. You’ll also be asked to bring your smartphone or tablet to take a video or photos that’s part of a campaign video.

We’ll also talk about L.A. Community College Districts. That’s so important in this election, right? We all support L.A. Community College District 1, which is the only school district in California to be designated as an Opportunity School that is recognized by the United States Department of Education.

I’ve been a member of the L.A. Community College District District 1 Board of Trustees since it was founded over 40 years ago. I started my career with the board as its president. It has the same vision and philosophy that the district itself has had for 40 years.

L.A. Community College District 1 is a school for all students. The district has expanded its services for homeless students. They’ve expanded its services for students with disabilities. They’ve expanded its English Language Learner Center and they’ve expanded it for all students.

It’s a district that has invested in the schools it serves, for which we are tremendously grateful and proud. It’s

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