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Jessica Simpson cancels Pottery Barn spot

Jessica Simpson cancels Pottery Barn spot

Jessica Simpson tunes out ‘destructive noise’ after Pottery Barn ad raises eyebrows

by Jessica Simpson

Jessica’s mom says she tunes out ‘destructive noise’

Jessica Simpson has put her foot down!

The 27-year-old reality TV beauty has canceled a TV spot for Pottery Barn featuring her in a “happy and joyous” pose.

The ad was scheduled to air in prime time on the retailer’s TV and digital platforms, along with on-air promotions for her clothing line.

An insider told E! Online, “The family loved the idea but the star, who is pregnant, is very protective of her baby.”

The insider also said, “The ‘happy and joyous’ pose is the one they used as a model originally. Simpson is concerned about how the commercial will be received. She didn’t want the brand to appear to be trivializing fatherhood in a commercial that could be interpreted as a jab at her.”

Simpson, who is expecting her first child with former NFL star Ryan Seacrest in July, had already shown a softer side of herself in her past television appearances. In 2011, she was the first ever cast member of “VH1’s The Surreal Life” when she won a competition to spend a week with the show’s host, Janet Jackson.

She has also appeared in various magazines and in ads for Chaz Bono and the T-Mobile ads.

Earlier this year, she was in the press for her endorsement of the new “I’m Not a Monster 2” perfume, which features her face, as well as her new baby bump.

Simpson and Seacrest met when they were both at their highest moments: Seacrest, just beginning his career, and Simpson, celebrating her 20th birthday.

The mom-to-be has her sights set on a successful marriage and career.

“I’ve always had dreams of being a mom, and I think that my love for my children and my desire to do what’s best for them are what makes me want to be an entrepreneur

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