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I Never Thought the Nats were “Graceful”

I Never Thought the Nats were “Graceful”

Letters to the Editor: Dodgers lost? Fake news. Just declare them the winners of all five games they took earlier this year. If you want to get serious, you have to say that the Dodgers were lucky to win all five games.

So what do you all think happened? That it was more about the Dodgers than about Nats or Nats rookie Pete Kozma? That Nats manager Matt Williams was the one who decided to go with the more experienced starting pitcher when he had three great options before him? That the Nats were a better team?

Or that Nats starting pitcher Stephen Strasburg is in the midst of a historic Cy Young Award winning season? That he has thrown more innings than anyone in baseball history, has started and pitched a complete game with no less than 14 shut outs so far? That his 2.30 ERA and 0.64 WHIP are already among the best marks of all years? That his fastball is now a top-ten best pitch ever recorded at any age in the majors? That his change-up is now a top-five pitch ever recorded in the majors? That he is about to go into the All-Star game? That he is expected to win this year?

I thought the only people who believed in the Nats’ “luckiness” were the Nats themselves: the Nats’ fans. I never thought that the Nats were lucky. I never believed they were good.

I remember when the Nats beat the Mets on their way to the World Series and when the Mets won the title in the Fall Classic. I remember the Mets winning the Wild Card game in the NLCS only to lose the best-of-five series to the Cardinals in the NLCS. I remember the Nats winning the divisional series 3-1 only to lose it in four to the Cubs later in the year. I remember the Nats getting swept by the Blue Jays in the NLCS. And now that Strasburg is in the All-Star game, I remember the Nats losing one game to the Cardinals.

I’m still not happy with the way the Nats have been playing baseball, but it’s not like I’m really surprised. I’m not a Nats fan at all, but I watched them play and enjoyed the game. In fact, I

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