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Cappadocia — The World’s Oldest Civilization

Cappadocia — The World's Oldest Civilization

Cappadocia: One of Turkey’s most spectacular hiking destinations.

Cappadocia: One of Turkey’s most spectacular hiking destinations.

Turkey’s ‘Cappadocia of Turkey’, known as the ‘Holy Land of the Aegean’ and an oasis of tranquillity on the eastern coast of Turkey.

The most famous, most widely accessible and most accessible of all the archaeological sites of Turkey, Cappadocia is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world.

Cappadocia, one of the most spectacular and best preserved of all the Ancient sites of Turkey, offers countless opportunities to view the world’s oldest civilization from thousands of metres above sea level.

As you begin to explore its fascinating layers, you first see the remnants of a civilization that flourished in the 3rd millennium BC, during the Minoan period.

The region also features ancient shrines, tombs, and megalithic monuments which are unique in Europe.

Cappadocia offers numerous opportunities for hiking, climbing and rock climbing.

An unforgettable experience awaits you and your family with a visit to Cappadocia.

The Cappadocian culture reached its peak during the 3rd millennium BC, and was followed by the Minoan civilization which was centered in the 3rd and 4th millennium BC.

Between the third and fourth millennium BC, Cappadocia became a major centre for the production of bronze, which is one of the most expensive alloys in the world.

The civilization thrived for several centuries, and produced significant architectural and engineering achievements during this period.

Cappadocia was inhabited by the Amazons in the 1st millennium BC.

By the 9th century BC, Cappadocia had become the capital for the Minoan civilization of antiquity.

The Amazons began to withdraw from

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